Ties - Properly maintained

Proper care of the tie begins immediately after wearing. One should untie the tie and loosely roll up the same button. The roll should start at the narrow end of the tie. With this method, the binding of folds and wrinkles can recover. If the tie next day but still look somewhat creased, which happens almost never at a good quality tie, you can treat the bodies concerned with steam. Under no circumstances should the tie be treated with the iron.

Storage of Ties

For the correct storage of a tie is also the same as for all other fabrics: It should not be too tight or hanging basket in the closet, so that air can circulate enough yet. Most of the ties are stored by hanging. Here but you have to take special care that there are no sharp edges that could damage the binder.
The best method for storage of Ties: rolled up in a drawer store. With this method of storage of neckties They also have the advantage that your ties are available in a clear and organized, the hassle of searching for the appropriate tie is not necessary.

Ties on the go

For Holiday Ties are rather less taken, but on business you should already pack a selection of ties. Again, it would be advantageous if the binder rolled, wrapped. For example, you can store the rolled neckties in the cavities, and possibly even put it into a shirt collar. If there is enough space in your suitcase, you can take a small cardboard box and deposit 2-3 Ties rolled in it. Possibly. you can merge the tie, but please wrap so that no wrinkles are pressed. If, despite all precautions, wrinkles, help even here a steam bath and a roll up the tie.

Stain removal of ties

What to do when a spill? Should it be necessary, the tie must in the cleaning, you should be very careful that they entrust this only a really good dry cleaner, otherwise it may happen, get back that you flat ironed your tie and the tie has no volume! Cleaning too often does the tie anyway not good.
Smaller spots should dab stain with water or alcohol. You can also complete Insert the tie in the liquid formed after drying, no borders around the treated areas.

Life of the tie

Lovingly handled and stored properly can keep a silk tie of good quality almost forever, provided you have several ties, so that the worn tie will recover and go back to the original shape can

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